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What I Offer

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Congratulations on finishing your manuscript!

You’ve just finished the manuscript that you’ve spent ages on, and I commend you. Now it's time to edit! Though the editing process can be arduous, it doesn't have to be. I’m here to ease you into the editing process! I have various services to address your novel's needs and transform it into an enjoyable adventure that satisfies and excites readers!

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Manuscript Critique

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether your novel hits all the beats that you need it to. Once the ink has dried—or the last words have been typed—and you have done some developmental work on your narrative it’s important to know how readers experience your novel. Will the first words enrapture them? Will your characters propel them through the story? Will your readers have unanswered questions after shutting your book? I’m here to answer all those questions and more!

I will make in-line comments throughout your manuscript as I read so you know what readers think of your book in real time. While reading, I will also use my editor’s eye and offer edits and suggestions on how to make your story more cohesive and effective. I then combine these two perspectives in a reading report that covers my thoughts on pacing, characters, and worldbuilding. In my reports and in-line comments, I make sure to point out the rough edges that need to be smoothed and highlight well-polished gems so you don’t accidentally edit out a line that a reader would love. You will come away from my feedback with a balanced critique of your novel and a clear path towards enhancing it.


Up to 10,000 words - $10

Up to 40,000 - $40

Up to 80,000 - $80

*Pricing is adjustable depending on the length of your book.

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Line Editing and Copyediting

After spending hours drafting your novel, sentences run into each other, words stop making sense, and it’s hard to know what works and what’s incomprehensible. That’s where I step in! With Line Editing, I will improve the flow, clarity, and overall readability of your book. Line editing is all about ensuring that your book hits the right notes of tone and atmosphere. At this level, extraneous lines and phrases are removed and stronger vocabulary and syntax are wielded to bolster your story and improve the reader’s experience all while maintaining your writing style.

Copyediting is where the mechanics of language, such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation, are examined. Copyediting also includes checking the book against its style sheet to ensure that it's consistent. As apart of this service, I can create a style sheet that lists and defines your book’s timeline, style, characters, and world building elements. 

Pricing: 0.015 per word

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This is one of the last steps in the book editing process in which the manuscript is combed over for minute errors and typos. This includes misspelled words, names, wayward commas, and any other distracting mistakes that’s bound to be noticed by your reader. I will eliminate these writing blunders, so your book is accessible and error free. Proofreading also involves a style sheet to ensure that there aren’t any misspellings or misuses of story-specific terms.

I will also ensure that your formatting is consistent throughout your manuscript by double-checking running headers, chapter headers, and ensuring that there are no variations in your book’s content design.

This service includes two proofreading passes

Pricing: 0.007 per word

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